If you have any comments, change proposal or bug report, please contact me.

TODO in next version(s):

  • complete user documentation
  • mode file format flag on statusbar: MOD/TMF
  • 'What's this?' in configuration window
  • icons: transcription, load mode, open files

known bugs in current version:

none found, yet..

previous changes:

2003-02-22 :: version 1.1.1

  • new configuration option: 'Show total transcription time on statusbar'
  • some localization (pl) bugs fixed

2003-02-15 :: version 1.1.0

  • Narmacil 2.1.2
  • new command line option: '--mode' - load mode file
  • new menu entry: 'Settings/Use Tengwar Font'
  • new menu entry: 'Edit/Insert Tengwar List Item...'
  • fixed bug 030125.1: after saving one file (tengwar or roman) both modification LEDs are off - only one LED (below the saved pane) should be turned off
  • while saving tengwar file .tng extension is added
  • when transcription is done, total time elapsed is displayed on status bar
  • some minor bugs fixed

2003-01-20 :: version 1.0

  • first official release