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TTF fonts that use Daniel Smith's key mapping

 example   name   file   author (www) 
Tengwar Quenya Tengwar Quenya Daniel Smith
Tengwar Sindarin Tengwar Sindarin Daniel Smith
Tengwar Noldor Tengwar Noldor Daniel Smith
Tengwar Parmaite Tengwar Parmaite Måns Björkman
Tengwar Cursive Tengwar Cursive Harri Perälä

mode files

 language / mode   format  description
quenya MOD The standard mode for Quenya.
Auhtor: Måns Björkman
sindarin MOD The Sindarin mode of Beleriand.
Author: Måns Björkman
sindarin classic MOD The classic (tengwar/tehta) mode for Sindarin.
Author: René Vega
english MOD The classic (tengwar/tehta) mode for English.
Author: Måns Björkman
english 2002 MOD Modern English.
Author: Brendan Gordon
polish MOD Polish mode according to my method described on Tengwar Fëanora site (in Polish).

For more mode files look at Amanye Tenceli: The Tengwar Scribe and YaTT download page.